Is it a coincidence that Autumn is called "Fall" and that is what the leaves and temperature do?

Published on 9/29/2020

I have noticed that this time of year there are two types of people – those that go outdoors to enjoy the changing season, and those that hibernate indoors. No matter which you are, here are some great fall ideas to keep you in the spirit: 

·           Take a walk and crunch the leaves

·           Make fresh pumpkin bread

·           Snuggle up on a hayride

·           Watch Pumpkin Pie Wars on Hallmark Channel

·           Bake your favorite homemade pie

·            Drink warm apple cider

·           Light up your cinnamon and spice candles

·           Carve a jack-o-lantern

·           Load up on Halloween candy

·           Rake leaves … then jump in!

·           Have a Fall Harvest movie date

·           Savor a seasonal pumpkin spice latte

·           Check out local fairs and festivals

·           Go to a football game and tailgate

·           Gather friends for a backyard campfire 

·           Enjoy a kiss in the rain

·           Get out your rainboots and jump in puddles

·           Pile on your warmest blankets for the season

·           Attend a Halloween party…or throw your own!

·           Spruce up your front door with seasonal décor

·           Pair up in a couples’ Halloween costume

·           Visit a haunted house for a good scare

·           Pick apples with the family

·           Build a bonfire and tell stories

·           Sit by the fire with a good book

·           Make a hot pot of stew

·           Enjoy everything pumpkin spice

·          Rent a unit from GP Self Storage at Exit 1 for your holiday shopping (OK, I added that one!)